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Forge of Empires UK

Build you empire!

You may create your own city in the web game Forge of Empires and view all of human history from its point of view, from the Stone Age on through the millennia. Investigate the newest innovations that usher forth a new age. Make a statement with distinctive, modern structures and create a massive city that is unmatched anywhere. In Forge of Empires, you may expand your empire via clever strategic campaigns and deft acts. Make your own planet by building an empire!

Build you empire!

Forge of Empires

City Building Strategy Game

In the strategy game Forge of Empires, you play through many periods and discover new architectural styles and technological advancements to further your settlement’s growth.

Spend your time researching and creating cutting-edge items, magnificent structures, and superior fighting troops in the browser game Forge of Empires.
In this strategy game, builders will find plenty of chances to expand and spruce up their towns.

Build you empire!
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At a glance: Forge of Empires

It is your responsibility to build an empire from a little Stone Age town and guide it through the years.

  • Game of City Building Strategy
  • Eras in time
  • Create a magnificent metropolis.
  • Take it through the centuries.
  • Investigate and Research
  • comprehensive single-player campaign
  • Defeat both allies and enemies.

Play Forge of Empires

However, not everything in Forge of Empires is tranquil. To succeed, engage in thrilling conflicts, employ a range of forces, and take advantage of each terrain characteristic. You have the option of engaging the computer or instructing other players in fighting tactics on the battlefield. In Forge of Empires, you may control your empire’s destiny.

Build you empire!

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Build you empire!